Kieran Richardson Hollyoaks

The most popular character on Hollyoaks right now is, Kieran Richardson, who plays, Ste Hay.

Kieran Richardson, has played Ste Hay since 2006, but has left the show in between. He starred in the late night version of Hollyoaks, In The City, and then later had a recurring role in the regular early evening slot on Channel 4. Kieran Richardson, is now back in Hollyoaks, and will be seen by viewers for the foreseable future.

His character Ste Hay, is a Hollyoaks Bad Boy, with one of his main exits being when he stole a car.
His personal life is sometimes in the press, and he's admitted that he's looking for a home with fellow Hollyoaks actress, Hollie Jay Bowles.

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Heres a backstage video of Hollyoaks, featuring Kieran Richardson.